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Dylan Vinci Joins Community Futures

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Community Futures Development Corporation of the Central Okanagan is pleased to announce that Dylan Vinci has joined Community Futures as Program Coordinator. He will take the lead on the Self Employment Program including business plan development training and business counseling. Dylan is a recent Okanagan College Business Program graduate where he specialized in marketing. He has many years of hands on business management, digital marketing and promotions experience that will make him a valuable addition to Community Futures team.

Phone: 250-868-2132 ext. 224   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Model Bean Coffee, local online coffee seller, opening first cafe in Rutland

- Castanet | Story: 436711

A Colombian couple who started their own coffee business during the pandemic has found enough success to finally open their first coffee shop in Rutland.

Camilo Isaza says they can’t wait to share with Kelowna their unique Colombian brew that’s imported from their family farm back home.

“There are so many varieties that we can showcase, and that’s kind of the whole purpose of having the tasting bar," said Isaza. "So for me to say which one is my favourite or which one is my top seller, I can’t really narrow that down because every coffee is sort of unique in a way and has its own rich profile."

Isaza says the cafe will give customers the chance to try their coffees—which they have already grown a following with by selling online—and take some home to "make that perfect cup of coffee every morning.”

Sticking to three traditional roasts, the owners of Model Bean Coffee tell Castanet they have grown from a home-run business that transitioned into the local market before now opening a retail cafe.

“We have our light-medium, our medium, and our medium-dark. We roast it locally and we kind of make our own little blend in house of those three to make our espresso as well," said Isaza.

"A lot of people say I buy your coffee but I go home to make it and it’s not the same. Well, it is the same. It’s just the patience and the passion behind how to make a coffee, so come on by, I’d love to teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee.”

Isaza said their coffee is organic and locally roasted after being imported straight from the farm.

"It’s probably the freshest coffee you can find in western Canada. Not to brag, but it is that fresh," said Isaza.

If all goes according to plan, Model Bean Coffee is expecting to open July 15 at 205 Asher Road in Rutland.


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Historic agricultural magazine Orchard & Vine changes hands

Published on June 13, 2023 by David Wylie - Okanagan Journal 300w, 768w" alt="" decoding="async" loading="lazy" />Photo: David Wylie/OJ
Lisa Olson, left, has sold Orchard & Vine Magazine to Yvonne Turgeon.

In print since 1959, Orchard & Vine magazine has a new owner.

Yvonne Turgeon, who recently founded Thompson-Okanagan Trends Magazine, has acquired the longstanding agricultural trade magazine. She made the announcement at a news conference at the Laurel Packinghouse, which houses the Okanagan Wine and Orchard Museum.

“It’s a historic day and we’re in a historic place,” says Turgeon.

The museum houses Orchard & Vine’s archives. When it started in ’59, the magazine was called The BC Orchardist. The name changed in 2003 to include the wine industry. The publication now covers tree fruit, berry, grape, wine, cider and spirit industries across Canada.

Lisa Olson has published the magazine for 18 years. She says she’s happy that Turgeon has taken the reins.

“I really wanted the legacy to continue,” she says.

The deal was closed with the help of Community Futures Central Okanagan.

Cheryl Fast, a business advisor with the organization, says such publications help industry as a whole.

“It’s fundamental to the growth of other businesses,” she says.

The upcoming issue of Orchard & Vine will focus on innovation.

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OKGo - 6 Amazing Entrepreneurial Stories

We are happy to share the final long form video, showcasing these 6 amazing entrepreneurial stories and how connected the region is across industries, governments, and post-secondary institutions. Through their business stories, ambassadors highlight the economic impact of their respective sectors in the community, the region’s supportive business environment, and the economic prosperity of the Central Okanagan. View the stories OKGO - Industry Ambassadors - YouTube


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Virtual Reality Arcade Opens

Gaming is levelling up in Kelowna with Virtual Rcades, where old school arcade-style gaming meets the future through the use of modern VR technology and motion simulators.

Co-owners and brothers Kyle and Michael Markus grew up in Kelowna, and believe the city has long been missing a modern arcade.

“You don’t really see a lot of virtual reality mixed with motion simulators in North America, so we decided we would make an entire facility dedicated purely to not just giving you the visuals, but putting you on a physical ride," said Michael.

"So you don’t necessarily have to be a gamer to understand these things, you just hop on a ride, put on your headset and away you are off into your own world.”

The 3,500-square-foot facility has 32 different simulators with tons of different games to choose from, all of which make you feel like you’re right there in the moment.

"We’ve got at least 100 different visuals that you can be experiencing at any time," continued Michael.

"You could be on a race car racing with your friends, you could be on a jet plane like this one here racing in the sky, roller coasters, and yeah, pretty much anything you can imagine, you can come experience here at the arcade.”

The arcade comes with six different gaming categories, including racing, sports, flight, adventure, theme park and cinema.

The owners say is great for the kids, but also makes for quite the romantic night out.

“We realized there’s a great market for people looking to go out for a date night, and you know, not a lot of people have enough money to go across the world to fly over Egypt or fly over the Great Wall," added Michael.

"You and your partner can sit down on a hot air balloon and fly up in the air and experience the same ride at the same time … It’s not just for kids, it’s for everybody.”

Virtual Rcades at 1698 Findlay Road in Rutland is holding a grand opening weekend on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26. Entrance starts at $40.

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Okanagan food suppliers make the pitch for 'buy local'

Growing local food market

The Micro Food Expo took place in Kelowna Tuesday, connecting local food producers with local buyers.

Close to 60 food producers took part in the event, ready to build relationships with restaurants, retailers and consumers.

"It’s been high quality engagement. Specifically for me as a food producer, these are exactly the types of clients that I’m interested in connecting with, so we’ve had Okanagan College, UBCO, a bunch of different wineries and private chefs,” said event organizer Martin Rivard.

The pandemic and now inflation has put the squeeze on many local producers, making for a challenging past few years.

"People are cutting back more and more and food has gone up," said Myrna Selzler of Myrna's Foods.

"Transportation costs have gone up dramatically, and that’s really impacted us as vendors and suppliers… That’s a big component of our expenses, is getting food to market. So if people can buy local, we can deliver it… So, save on transportation, save on distribution fees, and support local people.”

While shopping local may cost a little more money, local producers agree there’s more to shopping local than just the price point.

“I think the stronger the eco-system that we can foster as a community, the better off we are. Like, yes, when it comes to a price perspective, working with small local producers will likely be more expensive, but there’s an extra value where you can know the person," said Rivard.

“You know where your product comes from, you know how it’s made, and you know it’s made with love," added Roch Fortin of Summerland-based Maple Roch.

It is hoped the Micro Food Expo held on Tuesday will become an annual event moving forward.

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OKGN Angel Summit Returning for 2023

Square ApplicationsOpenAnnouncement 1Ready to elevate your pitch? The 2023 OKGN Angel Summit could be just the moment you’ve been training for.  

Participating companies will have opportunities to network with active investors and learn alongside fellow entrepreneurs as they pitch their way towards the March 2023 Finale with a chance at $250K investment. 

Cost to participate is $249 if purchased on or before December 5, or if you are an Accelerate Okanagan member. $349 if purchased after December 5. Final deadline for applications is December 16.

If you’re an innovative company in Western Canada looking for investors, we want to hear from you.

Venture to the Summit >>

#okgntech #angelinvesting

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