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Financial Worksheets Archive

Financial Worksheets Files

Cash Flow Template

Updated on 22 February 2016

  • Use this template to get you started on developing a cash flow statement for your business.

Micro Business Plan Guide Template

Updated on 15 November 2016

  • Use this template to assist you to develop a business plan to apply for a micro-loan.

Personal Financial Statement

Updated on 23 November 2016

Sales Forecast linked to Forecasted Cashflow Worksheets

Updated on 14 October 2020

  • Develop your detailed sales forecasts linked to your forecasted cash flow worksheet to prepare a more dynamic & substantiated forecast for your business.

Sales Forecast Worksheet

Updated on 25 January 2017

Tips to Negotiate Your Loan

Updated on 22 February 2016

  • Be better prepared to negotiate and secure financing by following these valuable tips.