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Model Bean Coffee, local online coffee seller, opening first cafe in Rutland

- Castanet | Story: 436711

A Colombian couple who started their own coffee business during the pandemic has found enough success to finally open their first coffee shop in Rutland.

Camilo Isaza says they can’t wait to share with Kelowna their unique Colombian brew that’s imported from their family farm back home.

“There are so many varieties that we can showcase, and that’s kind of the whole purpose of having the tasting bar," said Isaza. "So for me to say which one is my favourite or which one is my top seller, I can’t really narrow that down because every coffee is sort of unique in a way and has its own rich profile."

Isaza says the cafe will give customers the chance to try their coffees—which they have already grown a following with by selling online—and take some home to "make that perfect cup of coffee every morning.”

Sticking to three traditional roasts, the owners of Model Bean Coffee tell Castanet they have grown from a home-run business that transitioned into the local market before now opening a retail cafe.

“We have our light-medium, our medium, and our medium-dark. We roast it locally and we kind of make our own little blend in house of those three to make our espresso as well," said Isaza.

"A lot of people say I buy your coffee but I go home to make it and it’s not the same. Well, it is the same. It’s just the patience and the passion behind how to make a coffee, so come on by, I’d love to teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee.”

Isaza said their coffee is organic and locally roasted after being imported straight from the farm.

"It’s probably the freshest coffee you can find in western Canada. Not to brag, but it is that fresh," said Isaza.

If all goes according to plan, Model Bean Coffee is expecting to open July 15 at 205 Asher Road in Rutland.


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