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Description: Crow Derwydd Healing Services is dedicated to building a relationship with oneself to develop self-confidence in personal growth in health and well-being. We are committed to helping our customers feel better, feel empowered, and find hope. We do this by providing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and help people improve their health and well-being. This is achieved through small changes in people’s self-love or self-care daily routine or even by encouraging them to make time for themselves. We do this by providing individual healing sessions and at the end of the healing sessions, we will provide a small exercise that they can include in their day to help continue the healing.We will help provide community by providing group classes for both the community and families to help connect families with activities they can do together at home. This will help families connect with each other and strengthen their bonds. We believe this will help families connect and make time for each other. When family bonds are stronger, this harbours an environment for healthy families and makes them efficient and well-adjusted contributing community members.
Description: Our Guided Tours help guests learn about the food & culture of Kelowna through a jam-packed 2 hour "local experience" where we tell you the stories you won't find in any brochure, meet the people who actually make this city so great, and taste the food that has put Kelowna on the international culinary stage. With us you get the personal experience and local insight from someone who grew up in the area and worked on his Grandparents Orchard. Let the history of Kelowna come alive! We offer a guided 2-hour walking food tour of the Kelowna Cultural District.   The tour starts at the old Kelowna Packinghouse, and winds its way through the stunning Cultural District. Lots of opportunities for photos and video of beautiful buildings, statues, waterfalls, Okanagan Lake, and many other historical & cultural stops. Along the way there are 6-8 taste/drink visits "only" at local businesses that will add to your authentic experience of picturesque downtown Kelowna, BC! The tour lasts roughly 2 hours, and is about 2-2.5 kilometres in walking distance. However, we stop lots and never more than 10 minutes or so between tastings. We go rain or shine! Also, we provide umbrellas for the day upon request. Please check the weather and dress accordingly. We can't wait to explore our beautiful city with you!
Description: Turn your home into a tropical oasis.   At Cheeky Tiki you will find a wide assortment of Tiki Mugs and other interesting and collectable glassware.  We carry cocktail syrups, bar tools, books, magazines, Tropical Fantasy and Tiki inspired art and home décor and even health & beauty products.  All the barware, tools, and accessories you need to bring the Tiki lifestyle home.  We are knowledgeable and passionate and are eager to share our enthusiasm with you. Follow us on social media for updates and current pop-up locations!
Description: Safe-T-Bird is an Okanagan based company that manufactures bird toys that are non-toxic and mechanically safe.  The product line has been tested and proven to enrich the lives of pet birds!  The all-natural, bird safe materials used to manufacture these products have been hand selected to encourage the growth of North American businesses! Safe-T-Bird was established in the summer of 2020 to satisfy a market need for products that are completely safe for pet birds to enrich their lives with.  All too often, a bird meets an untimely end due to poison or mechanical hazards.  With our lineup of toys on the market, there will never be a worry again as our products are designed with Safe-T in mind!
Description: Design 4 Accessibility - Our clients are 1/ Individual homeowners looking for Home Modifications that are accessible and/or help them age in place 2/ Builders, 3/ Urban planners, Employers, Small business owners, Parents, Seniors, and local governments. Recommendations are developed in a collaborative manner. Recommendations solve accessibility issues in the built environment, help plan for "Aging in Place", increase frequency and ease of use of services in small businesses, assist employers and persons with disabilities in employment, help tourists have a truly accessible trip and help educate people on how to communicate with and assist persons with disabilities, how to live mindfully, with resilience, in a work/life balanced way. Design 4 Accessibility : 1. Delivers comprehensive Accessibility Consultation Services and Occupational Therapy Aervices. 2. Creates designs that focus on removing or preventing barriers to Accessibility, which will create inclusion and achieve diversity. 3. Reports provide cost sensitive recommendations and when feasible include information about potentially available grants. 4. Focuses on creating universally designed environments which are aesthetic, not clinical, and focuses on ensuring that designs create opportunity for healthy and self-determining lifestyles. 5. Provides services to create and ensure truly accessible Tourism, which is not just accessibility through the front entrance; services include Accessibility Assessments or Audits, Building Modifications to remove barriers, and Customer Training. All services have the potential to create a competitive edge. Design 4 Accessibility also assists clients in planning accessible travel. 6. Works collaboratively with all stakeholders; ensuring homeowner's needs guide the process and small businesses can see how changes in design can help create revenue by creating an incentive to visit, spend, and visit again. 7. Provides Accessibility and Inclusion Training upon request, to small groups, and training on Mindfulness, and Resiliency, and Work/Life balance. 8. Provides support for Employers who want to hire persons with disabilities, e.g. Ergonomic Assessments, Disability Management Consultation Services to assist with employment accommodations and/or accessibility modifications. Let's Talk. 250-300-4948.
Description: Eddie’s Woodshop is a high end furniture and millwork business serving the Okanagan Valley. We build custom tables, Murphy beds, cabinets, credenzas and console units using quality hardwood lumber and cabinets to fit specific spaces. Eddie’s Woodshop has been building custom furniture since 2016 and has steadily grown over the course of 4 years. The business has developed strong relationships with its existing clients and built a large network of potential customers. We also attend craft markets where we sell small woodworking products as well as offer consultations for potential furniture clients. As a certified Red Seal Carpenter, the owner, Tim Edwards, has 7 years of experience in the construction industry and is knowledgeable in the various wood products available as well as the intricacies of furniture building. 
Description: I make bookkeeping easy so you can focus on what you’re actually good at.  What is a Virtual Bookkeeper? I specialize in using Quickbooks Online + Hubdoc to make your life easier. No more shoeboxes of receipts and no software to download on your computer. We meet monthly or quarterly by video conference and I interpret the financial statements to give you a holistic view of your business. I have experience starting books from scratch, clean-up services, and drilling-down to sort through inaccurate finances. My goal is to provide you with personalized service based on your own strengths, goals, and values, as well as present financial reports in a way that is simple to understand. I am passionate about working with creative entrepreneurs to help build their vision. Take the hassle of back office work off your plate. I can simplify your monthly bookkeeping so you can maximize cashflow and end that scramble to get everything together for tax time. Having organized finances allows you to understand the health of your business so you can plan effectively. Tired of guessing how your business is performing? Reach out to book a free consult and I will design a customized service package to help you and your business thrive.  
Description: When you host a private party or team building event, we bring the FUN and FUNDRAISING to the occasion. Our parties create bonds that are long lasting and far reaching!Your guests will engage in “compassion in action” while crafting for a cause. The fun doesn’t end there ... we offer a unique and easy way to keep us all connected resulting in an experience your group can never forget!“Alone I am one drop in the bucket, together we are thousands.” - Lisa Hanssens
Description: Doggy Doodads and Kitty Thingys produces high quality leather merchandise for pets and pet parents: customized one-of-a-kind leather goods innovative designs and styles personalized collars, harnesses, leashes, or what have you Tag Tuk™ is the Canadian Trademark name for an invention created by Monika Geier.  This invention solves a problem for dogs required to carry necessary licensing, vaccination and identification tags with them at all times.  Common practice is to keep the tags on a pet by inserting the tags onto a ring then attaching the ring to the dog’s collar around its neck.  This method of displaying the dog’s tags causes unwanted noise from multiple tags contacting each other each time the dog moves.  These tags can eventually wear-out, get lost, or catch on objects to cause potential injury pet.  This method to attach dog tags to the dog’s collar is neither safe nor comfortable for the pet, and causes grief for pet parents. Tag Tuk™ safely stores and displays necessary dog licencing, vaccination and identification tags securely to the pet.  With Tag Tuk™, there are no more annoying, clanking, noisy tags, no more worn-out or lost tags, and chances of injury to pet are decreased because these tags are safely stored, displayed tucked away inside Tag Tuk™ secured to the pet’s collar.  Tag Tuk™ delivers protection against those noisy, worn-out, lost or catching tags and provides both comfort and safety to the pet and adds peace-of-mind to pet parents.  Tag Tuk™ is new and cool, one-of-a-kind pet supply item that every pet parent wants for their fur baby!
Description: Be Bolder by Design. Be Braver by Design. Be inclusive by Design. At Cyan Bold Design, we believe that graphic design has the power to change people's perceptions and bring the community together. We specialize in helping our clients stand out visually from the crowd and making sure your brand is being seen by the right people. It may sound easy, but there is a lot that goes into creating that seamless blend of authenticity, function and style. This is where our expertise comes in handy and we are here to support and encourage you every step of the way. From customer segmentation and competitive analysis to design inspiration and brand blueprints, our approach is all about creating a strong foundation so that your brand can confidently stand out in a world of visual chaos. If you are ready for a braver, bolder, more inclusive visual design experience, let’s chat.
Description: We Are the Premier Hub for Wellness Services A Hub to promote connection with people and businesses to create a stronger more enriched and educated community within the Okanagan Valley.   Life Flow aims to close the gap in our fragmented health system making information easily accessible, in turn creating a more resilient, healthy society. Included is a wide variety of listings from practitioners, storefront businesses, wellness product providers, networking organizations, and sports clubs. Life Flow is a place to discover and connect with other practitioners and service providers in the industry. From naturopaths and acupuncturists, to networking events and nutritionists, and everything in between. This online directory is the one stop shop for those looking to make a healthy wellness choice in their lives, making it the best place to promote your business.  Life Flow is all about creating meaningful connections.  We are stronger together!  
Description: Diablo Welding & Fabricating provides custom welding and fabricating services throughout the Okanagan valley, specializing in stainless steel and aluminum as well as mild steel.  We are a welding shop that offers what most others can’t, high quality custom work along with a specialized skill set.  Travis Kane (owner/operator) brings almost two decades of related industry experience to the business.  We offer design, problem solving, fabricating, welding and mobile welding as well as installation.
Description: As a Care Aide for many years, I have sadly seen the Elderly, Disabled, loose track of families and friends due to  either no one has time, or just a lack of convenience with TECHNOLOGY!!  Now they have a chance, to connect and feel apart of our society again!! ​ What I am offering, is Education for those who need help with computers. cellphones, tablets, and other gadgets and new technology. ​ Our technology is changing fast, and we need to keep up to date with it at times.  Learning and growing is something we as humans procrastinate doing, or we are too busy to learn on our own. ​ I am offering to you my time.   I will teach you how to use you new .......Gadgets, Phones, Computers. I will set up your new devices in your homes and offices, and teach you how to make use of its potential. We also have Virtual Reality for Seniors,  Virtual Reality is mainly thought about for gaming, I would like to change that thought.Another use for VR is its use in retirement homes. The fact is, virtual reality is going to change everything and that includes medical applications, exercise, communication.Virtual reality can re-create environments that can trigger memories and increase the quality of life by a significant factor for seniors who are living in those facilities​ A we get older, we look back on old memories, photos, videos. With the use of VR we can add and bring back memories. Memories fade, but we can help restore those memories of a favorite place, friends, family. I found through use of VR, dementia patients can relive and remember again. I have seen smiles and tears on loved ones as they watched a family member go to the spot where they grew up, or be surrounded by puppy dogs.       As people age, their brain activity tends to slow. In order to keep the brain active and responsive, it needs to be stimulated daily. Nursing homes try to entertain their residents by taking them on outings, and volunteers entertain with music. They have game nights, movie screenings and bingo in hopes that their residents can keep sharp and have a good quality of life for as long as possible. ​ We want to introduce unique experiences in VR for seniors. These experiences are 360-degree movies that the VR headset wearer can interact with. The experiences range from walking through a Disneyland Ride to sitting in on a African Safari. It allows them to not only exercise their brain, but “travel” across the world and relive memories within the walls of a retirement or nursing home. Virtual reality helps seniors not only by boosting their happiness, but also promoting brain activity, creating new memories, and hopefully  reduce overall healthcare costs exponentially over time.
Description: Cohesion Land Design creates exceptional landscape designs with respect to a variety of property types that deliver sustainable and responsive outdoor spaces with strong aesthetic value through education and consultation.  We design landscapes with community, for community in an effort to embrace the diversity the Okanagan Valley has to offer.  We also align closely with community planners and the latest in urban sustainability methods to provide landscapes that promote healthy outdoor spaces.  By combining over 30 years of experience in design and service related fields, 20+ years of growing landscapes, construction knowledge and continuing education, this provides a strong background for our growing success.  Our belief is that the process of design should be as exciting and positive as the overall purpose achieved and that artful expression can be sustainably and environmentally respectful.
Description: Ladon Apparel is a clothing brand seeking to create a community of positive and driven individuals. Starting with T-shirts, unique designs will illustrate and encompass self optimization ideas to inspire consumers to challenge themselves and to take control of their health and life. Ladon apparel offers comfortable apparel and appealing designs, more importantly, we want to make our community uplifting and inspiring so to help each other grow in confidence and knowledge. Join the discussion on the blog or the related reddit pages to learn and share you're knowledge and experience with others! 
Description: Seed and Sparrow Design is a landscape design and consulting company that focuses on high quality design, which is ecologically functional and culturally enriching, while deeply considerate of aesthetic taste and the need for beauty.  We specialize in Climate Resilient Landscapes, which incorporate strategies such as: flood and fire mitigation strategies, habitat restoration, green infrastructure, ecosystem service management, and more. All of which are becoming increasingly important in the face of climate change. The result is a dynamic natural system that is able to withstand the stresses of a changing regional and global climate. Additionally, these types of landscapes require minimal resources and management, while providing functional,beautiful, and meaningful landscapes for our community to enjoy.
Description: Invest in yourself with a music educator you won't outgrow.  Guitar player for more than fifteen years, Conroy is passionate and patient about teaching music to all levels of players, beginner to advanced.  Do you want to play in front of an audience of ten thousand? Or play in the living room for your pets? Take the first step towards that goal and message about lessons today.
Description:  Purge is a specialized business that helps prepare your home or place of business for a quick sale. Through the process of decluttering and downsizing we remove all the unwanted and unneeded items to help present a more desirable selling look for potential buyers. Our services also provide full move management ensuring a smooth packing process and a successful relocation.
Description: Whether you are coming to see us for an injury, to improve your overall health, or an athlete seeking to take your performance to the next level, our qualified team has you covered.  Our private clinic is a bright open space with all the items required to assist you on your journey to health or elite performance. Our team consists of Kinesiologists, Sport Scientists and Injury Management Specialists who have extensive experience dealing with ICBC, WorkSafeBC, Third Parties Insurance companies along with competitive sports.  Our services include: Comprehensive Disability Management: whether from a motor vehicle injury, work related incident or off work due to other illness, we can devise RTW plans, assist with return to work planning, coordinate services with the employer and provide case management services. Kinesiology or active rehabilitation treatment plans.  Customized exercise program with a functional training approach.  Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and Ergonomic Assessments. Elite athlete performance. Our experience ranges from youth to adult, whether novice or olympic level. Non-evasive Shockwave Therapy treatments with our brand new "Storz" MP200 unit. It is geared to ones that have persistent pain with musculoskeletal conditions and/or loss of mobility. Proven results. Check out Shockwave Canada site VO2Max Testing & Lactate Threshold Testing Corporate health programs Office lunch & learn workshops Our goal is not only to promote health and wellness, but to inspire, educate, and build confidence by maximizing results. Visit us today or visit our website for more information.
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